Leonard Manor Designs, is an interior and graphic design company, owned by Taylor M.Leonard, that seeks to create unique and custom beauty in residential and commercial spaces as well as design various business logos and graphics. 


As a child, Taylor found a secret love for construction and home improvement after witnessing the success of her father’s brick mason company Leonard & Son Masonry. That love started as painting and “Mrs. Fix It” projects around the house but during the construction of Taylor’s first home, the vision for a design company was birthed and the catchy name for her home “Leonard Manor” was made into a business name. The business was established to allow Taylor’s father who is disabled the opportunity to become active again in his field of interest alongside his daughter as she seeks his expertise. 


LMD provides various services involving residential and commercial renovations, custom design ideas and decor, painting custom accent walls and rooms and the design of custom furniture pieces. We are looking to provide our clientele with a one of a kind experience to enhance their business or home. We have plans to partner with various contractors in the Huntsville area to complete the design work and aid in the renovation process. LMD has future plans to expand the business and  begin flipping houses in the Huntsville area. 

Leonard Manor Designs LLC,

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